Catching Up

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A little catch up as I haven't added to the blog in quite some time.  Sarah and I have been busy planning our trip to Mt. Everest and getting everything organized with gear, shots and VISA's.  In the meantime we have been busy backpacking the Palouse in the early spring.

It's been on my list for quite some time as it should be on any landscape photographers.  One of the most beautiful places to photograph on the West Coast.  The photo below is of Sarah looking out during sunset of the wide expanse of the Snake River Canyon.  


Sarah PalouseSarah Palouse

We also spent some time just meandering along the Buttes in the area overlooking the beautiful farm country.  Of course Reggie had a great time as well.

Jason & Sarah PalouseJason & Sarah Palouse

Here is a shot of the Falls itself ..... the picture still does not do it justice.

Palouse FallsPalouse FallsPalouse Falls State Park, Washington State, USA

After a few days in the Palouse we travelled back towards the Seattle area and decided to do a shoulder season hike called Goat Lake.  I had never heard of it, but it is actually quite popular.  It is also very close to the mudslide disaster that occurred this spring.  It is one thing to see it on TV, but to see the devastation in real life is another.

Sarah is testing out her new multi day pack getting ready for Mt. Everest.

Sarah BackpackingSarah Backpacking

Sarah Wells CreekSarah Wells Creek

Above on our way home we made a stop at Wells Creek in the Mt. Baker area.  Another gorgeous area you should really stop and take a look at.  

Jason HikingJason Hiking


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